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Industry: Printing

An automated system for job order creation, proofing, client approval through mail/ WhatsApp, and printing helped to achieve a zero-error system. Automated invoice creation against each job also made accounting procedures hassle-free.

Industry: Manufacturing & Trading

We launched an e-commerce site to increase sales, the website was well-designed, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. As a result, online sales increased significantly and the company was able to expand its customer base beyond its traditional geographical boundaries.

Industry: US Based E-commerce

Multi-vendor e-commerce platform, succeeded by offering a diverse range of products, user-friendly vendor management, efficient customer service and support, and personalized AI-based recommendations. This led to increased sales and revenue.

Industry: Healthcare

The E-Diagnostic centre improved patient experience, engagement and satisfaction by automating processes and streamlining workflow with Zoho Commerce integrated with CRM, telephony, WhatsApp, and social media. This has led to increase in the patient base and growth of the center, thanks to digitalization.

Industry: US Based Edu-tech

An Edu-tech company’s portal with multiple form integration, ticket generation, and a chatbot improves user experience, streamlines processes, and increases efficiency, leading to increased enrolment and customer satisfaction, resulting in business success

Industry: Design Agency

With the implementation of the best project management system, they streamlined their processes, increased transparency and collaboration among team members, and ultimately resulted in faster project completion times and satisfied clients.