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An all-in-one training platform

Build the #1 Online Training Platform

In search of a versatile online training platform suitable for educational institutions, corporates, and e-learning businesses? Looking to create engaging and interactive learning experiences?  With our platform, you can take your training programs to the next level and empower your learners with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

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e-Learning  platform in 4 Steps

Create powerful courses
Market your content
Engage with Learners
Manage the business Branding
Create powerful courses

Design online courses with all the fine-grained features that help reflect your knowledge and guarantee thorough learning

Course builder

Design any type of online  course

Provide engaging assignments and handouts

Set up a unique course structure 

Bundle multiple courses under a single price

Live virtual class rooms

Host live virtual classes

Explain concepts on a whiteboard

Broadcast your video

Clarify doubts instantly with Q&A

Drip scheduler

 Proper course scheduling and planning

Comprehensive plans for courses

Better course compliance


Engaging sessions through gamification

Intuitive tests/quizzes

Evaluation through scoring & grading systems 

Market your content

Website Builder

  Own domain

 Fully branded site

 Course digital store

Element customization

Custom branding

Attractive sales page creation

Meta tags & source tracking provisions

    SEO score enhancement

Payments and subscriptions

Easy Inbuilt payment methods

Multiple payment choices

 Discounts/coupons inclusion

Multi-Ticket supporting

Zero transaction fee

Simplest method of business growing

Greater adoption & improved efficiency

Faster transactions in lower costs

Engage with Learners

Learners’ portal

Learner-centric unique portals

Discrete course access through login settings

Growth tracking through Learner’s console

 Live interactions

 Lively virtual classrooms

Group video-sharing feature for collaborative learning

Screen-sharing options for great presentations

Discussion forums

Community building avenue creation

Create feedback system with rating and comments feature

Course certificates

Customizable certificates for each course

Multiple quiz retake options

Manage the business Branding

Best team management

Admin console for efficient team management

 User role allocation for access control

Team scaling along with business scaling

Integrations with external apps

 Data driven business decisions

Ideal insights on course enrolment & completion

Best dashboards to capture trainer contributions

Business progress reports

 Measure course effectiveness

Robust analytics to understand the course engagement

Analysis of course consumption behavior

Categorize the courses based on performance


Modern approach to Corporate Learning

-​Innovative LMS 

Transform your corporate training programs with our innovative approach to Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our state-of-the-art Corporate LMS offers a user-centric design, advanced reporting and analytics, and customizable features that cater to the unique needs of your organization. With our platform, you can empower your learners with engaging and interactive learning experiences, boost productivity, and achieve measurable results. Elevate your corporate training to the next level with our game-changing Corporate LMS.

Strengthen your Frontline

​Frontline success is critical to your business. Our solution is designed from the ground up to meet their unique needs, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to excel. Don't let your frontline fall behind – see the difference our platform can make.

Built-in games, points, rewards, and leaderboards to make learning fun and engaging.

Short, 3-5 minute daily sessions on any device for fast and efficient learning.

Quick access to critical job aids and resources right within the platform.

Personalized training tailored to each learner's needs for an effective learning experience.

Great support for Admins

Miwafes simplifies e-learning program management, allowing administrators to achieve their objectives with ease. Say goodbye to chasing people for training completion, content creation, and result tracking. Our platform streamlines everything from onboarding to compliance training, providing user-friendly tools for admins for efficient program management. Hit your training goals effortlessly.

Smooth onboarding with a focus on key tasks, building employee confidence in their roles.

Bite-sized, reinforced learning that helps employees retain knowledge over time.

Easy compliance tracking and progress reporting to demonstrate compliance.

AI-powered training that adapts to address any behaviors putting the business at risk.

Business Management

Our platform goes beyond completion rates and test scores, providing valuable insights into how training materials are impacting your KPIs. Moreover, you can push real-time updates to your entire frontline to keep them informed and up-to-date.

Ensures employees perform crucial tasks - Our research shows that employees who train regularly  are more likely to remember and execute essential business tasks.

Machine learning eliminates guesswork - providing businesses with a clear understanding of the effectiveness of their training programs.

Streamlined communication - Admins can easily disseminate critical information to frontline employees, teams, or specific individuals in real-time.

Calling all Corporates! 

Are you ready to transform the way you train your employees? 

Build your very own e-learning platform for corporate training today and experience the benefits of increased efficiency,

 personalized learning, and enhanced workforce development

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Trying to turn your passion into profession? With the help of Trainer central we can create the best online training platform for your learners. It can act as a central hub for any business, enabling trainers to manage and promote any training services with ease.

Develop courses that showcase your skills and knowledge.

Our simple and easy-to-use setup enables you to turn your knowledge into compelling content that resonates with your audience. You can choose from different modes of delivery, including self-paced modules, virtual sessions, and in-person programs, to impart your wisdom in the most effective manner. With our platform, you have the flexibility to create courses that reflect your unique style and expertise.

Build an active and lively community

TrainerCentral offers a platform that empowers you to create and foster your own learning community, while also building long-term trust with your learners. By using our advanced virtual classroom technology and engaging features, you can establish a human connection with your audience, allowing for a more immersive and personalized learning experience.

Get practical & useful insights regularly

Trainer Central equips you with a comprehensive dashboard that provides in-depth analytics on subscription patterns, learner advancement, and course evaluations, giving you complete command over your business. Additionally, our admin console allows you to easily manage your team and showcase additional experts.

Grow Your Training Business:
​ Expand Your Reach and Boost Your Impact with Our Online Teaching Solution

Attention trainers! Take your expertise online and reach a wider audience with our platform. Whether you specialize in business, education, languages, creative arts, healthcare or any other field, our platform empowers you to create engaging online courses and build a thriving learning community. Sign up now and unlock your potential as an online trainer!

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Maximize Reach and Reputation with Online Courses

We can empower educational institutes by helping them to extend their online services through diverse courses,  high-quality content, interactive engagements, social media  promotions, offer certifications and accreditations, and finally  optimize their website for search engines.

Maximizing Online Learning Outcomes with Cutting-Edge Data Analytics

Our simple and easy-to-use setup enables you to turn your knowledge into compelling content that resonates with your audience. You can choose from different modes of delivery, including self-paced modules, virtual sessions, and in-person programs, to impart your wisdom in the most effective manner. With our platform, you have the flexibility to create courses that reflect your unique style and expertise.

Increased Accessibility and Flexibility:

Our platform provides educational institutions with increased accessibility, flexibility, and cost savings. With online courses, students can access course material from anywhere, at any time, enabling them to balance their studies with other commitments. Institutions can also save on facilities, equipment, and staffing costs while benefiting from reusable course material. We aim to help institutions achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their educational offerings.

Branding and Reputation:

We help educational institutions enhance their brand visibility and reputation by offering high-quality online courses. This can attract a larger audience and establish institutions as industry leaders, resulting in increased enrollments, revenue, and partnerships. Our platform also enables institutions to showcase their unique strengths and expertise, strengthening their industry reputation. Our goal is to help institutions become top-tier providers of online education.


Ready to take your educational institute to the next level? 

Build your own online Edu-tech platform today and transform the way students learn. Get started now.

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