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Harness The Maximum Potential Of Zoho CRM With The Right Zoho Implementation Partner.


With our established marketing automation software solutions, 
we assist startups, SMEs, and large enterprises in pinpointing successful marketing tactics.


We specialize in providing customized CRM solutions for the healthcare industry. Our team has strategically selected and integrated a bespoke marketing automation software that is designed to meet the specific needs of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. With our software, our clients can effortlessly collect and channel their marketing data into their preferred workflow solutions, such as a CRM or data warehouse. Moreover, we have also integrated our software with telephony, finance, and inventory modules to create an all-in-one solution that streamlines multiple processes for our clients.

Insurance firms

We assist  insurance firms in elevating their marketing efforts by integrating their CRM with a customized marketing automation solution. This integration allows the firms to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects' insights, enabling them to refine their marketing strategy and target their audience more effectively.


We  offer support for a bespoke marketing automation solution designed for banking institution. This solution streamlines the lead capturing process from multiple sources, such as chat, email, third-party tools, and landing pages. Also helps them to streamline the automated messages to customers in a timely manner.

Real estate

Our engineered marketing zoho automation software has provided real estate agents and companies with the capability to efficiently target prospective customers across multiple channels. As a result, the number of leads generated per month has substantially improved, enhancing their business growth.

E commerce/ Trading/Retail

Our marketing automation solution has helped online merchants personalize their customer journey, leading to increased engagement and sales. With our solution, merchants can collect customer data and create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience, ultimately driving customer loyalty.

Educational institutes

We offer inbound marketing automation consulting and integration services to online education businesses, enabling them to maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Our services assist these businesses in building stronger relationships with their customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.

Why Zoho CRM implementation?

Build excellent customer relationships

Engage with your customers through the right channel at the right time and with the right message. With Zoho CRM you can harness the power of omni-channel presence, segmentation, KPIs, predictive intelligence, and more to deliver personalized experiences that breed customer loyalty. Zoho CRM acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform. Zoho is a web-based CRM with main functionalities like contact and lead management, purchase control and sales pipeline management.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business, or a large company, our Zoho implementation services will help you automate the daily activities of your business, engage customers, and track sales. Here is some information about the Zoho implementation services offered here at Boosted CRM.

Sales Force Automation

Canvas Design Studio

Process Management

Journey Orchestration



Sales Enablement

Performance Management


Zoho CRM offers everything you need to increase leads, 
accelerate sales and measure sales performance.

Predictive Sales


Marketing Automation

Team Collaboration

Remote work

Canvas Design Studio

Mobile apps


Developer Platform

How CRM is useful for a company?

Customer relationship management systems can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of any business type and size. Start-ups, large enterprises, and verticals use a customer relationship management software for increasing their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.


Sales CRM is a critical component for B2B companies as it enables them to efficiently track and record customer interactions, prioritize leads, forecast sales, segment customers, and collaborate effectively. With a sales CRM system in place, B2B companies can bring together their partners, vendors, and stakeholders on a common platform, providing a unified view of customer data. This helps businesses to improve customer relationships, streamline processes, and increase revenue.


B2C companies have a shorter customer lifecycle and need quick solutions. A multi-channel CRM tool with lead management, campaigns, surveys, and marketing automation can help them reach customers easily and maintain strong relationships. This helps to streamline processes and improve their bottom line.

Redefine your Zoho CRM Implementation strategy with  Miwafes

If you're looking to implement Zoho CRM for your business or switch from your current CRM to Zoho, our team of experts at Miwafes can help you plan and execute a successful implementation. Our experienced Zoho CRM specialists can work with you to develop a customized roadmap and migrate your data seamlessly. We will help you set up the CRM based on your business operations and customize it to match your business language. By partnering with us, you can streamline your marketing, support, and sales processes, standardize your sales process, increase your team's productivity, orchestrate your sales cycle, and create personalized customer journeys. You can also benefit from our custom reports and dashboards to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Our Zoho Managed Services will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while we manage your CRM for you.

Cater your small business needs with BIGIN

Bigin is a CRM tool for small businesses that focuses on pipelines. It offers an extension for Zoho CRM, 

allowing users to manage contacts, accounts, and deals across Bigin and Zoho CRM. The integration allows for one-way 

changes to be made in Bigin from within Zoho CRM, streamlining workflow and saving time.


When organizations use different software systems to manage emails, calls, customer relationship management, and more, it can result in disconnected experiences for customers and IT integration challenges for the teams.

However, by adopting a unified customer experience platform like Zoho CRM Plus, organizations can enable their marketing, sales, and customer service teams to collaborate seamlessly. They no longer have to worry about information silos, and can interact with customers consistently across every channel.
Zoho CRM Plus is a suite of applications that includes CRM, Marketing Automation, Customer Support, Sales Automation, and Analytics, all consolidated into a unified platform. With Zoho CRM Plus, organizations can streamline their sales and marketing operations, enhance their customer support experiences, and gain valuable insights from their customer data.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM Plus leverages AI-powered tools that automate routine tasks, prioritize leads, and deliver personalized customer experiences. With Zoho CRM Plus, organizations can offer their customers a seamless experience across every touchpoint, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.