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Enhancing your HR Operations? 

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Smart HR software for the smartest people 

Transform Your HR Operations: 
The Indispensable Power of HRMS

Simplify and speed up HR processes

Improve data accuracy and security

Ensure compliance with HR regulations

Get better insights into employee performance and development

Automate administrative tasks and free up HR staff

Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction


Core HR

streamline and automate all aspects of HR management, including employee onboarding, attendance tracking, leave management, performance appraisal, and more, to increase productivity and reduce administrative tasks.



Employee Management

Expense Management

HR Analytics

Case Management


HR Chatbot

Time Off Management

Time and Attendance

Time management feature enables businesses to efficiently track employee attendance, manage work hours, assign shifts, and automate timesheet calculations to streamline the payroll process and increase productivity.

Attendance Management

Shift Management


Implement a cutting-edge Human Resource Management System with us and Streamline your HR operations.

Encourage, inspire, and maintain the commitment of your recently hired employees with best HRMS software.

Employee Development

Employee development feature offers tools for training and development, including skills assessment, goal setting, competency tracking, and performance appraisal, to support career growth, enhance employee skills, and drive business success.


Corporate LMS

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement feature provides tools such as surveys, feedback mechanisms, and recognition programs to help businesses create a positive work culture, improve employee satisfaction, and boost retention rates.

Annual Surveys

eNPS Surveys

Seamlessly Manage Your Employee Lifecycle with a Single Unified Platform

Transform talent acquisition

Bringing in fresh talent and getting them onboard can be a demanding task, yet it holds significant value. With Zoho People, you can easily create a personalized onboarding process tailored to each new hire's experience or work roles. This helps you provide a warm welcome, increase their engagement, and ensure they stay with your organization for a long time.

Employee Training-LMS

 Powerful LMS for employees allows organizations to provide self-paced learning experiences with customized training courses using various formats. It also enables scheduling, notifications, and provides insights into employee training progress to ensure that they complete their training within the required time frame.

Performance assessment

Best performance assessment feature to evaluate your employees based on goals, skill sets, KRAs, and competencies. This helps you set performance goals, provide feedback, and improve your team's productivity and growth.

Case management

Versatile case management system  streamlines HR service delivery, providing benefits such as self-serve options, faster response times, and a more standardized process for handling employee inquiries and requests. Additionally, it improves employee satisfaction and reduce errors by providing quick access to resources and standardized interaction and documentation.

Stress free payroll

Payroll feature helps managing your business's finances and compensation structure a breeze. With features like automatic synchronization of employee profiles, real-time attendance and time-off updates, personalized salary components, customizable pay runs, and compliance with changing regulations, it simplifies the payroll process while ensuring accuracy and compliance.