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Business Analytics

Familiarise with latest analytics tools, methods and data extraction 
in the best ways

Data Preparation

Know the best methods of data cleansing, transformation, integration & augmentation

Our Dynamic Non-IT Training Courses

All courses are crafted by experienced trainers and educators, and is designed to be engaging, interactive, and practical. The focus is on providing participants with real-world tools and strategies that they can apply immediately in their personal and professional lives. The training is delivered through a combination of lectures, group activities, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

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Advanced MS Excel

Advanced training in Excel with additional functionality for business or industry-specific use cases

Digital Marketing

Get expertise in social media & content marketing, SEO & affiliate marketing techniques

Comprehensive IT Training Programs

Versatile & high demand java learning plans for developers .Take your career to the next level with our comprehensive Java training! Our expert instructors will guide you through the latest Java technologies and techniques, giving you the skills you need to succeed in today's job market.

Best training on python for network engineers and AI Analysts. Our experienced instructors will impart the most up-to-date Python skills and knowledge, giving you the edge you need to succeed in the current job landscape.

React & Node JS 
Take your Full-Stack Development skills to the next level with our React & Node.js training. Our expert instructors train you with the latest technologies & techniques, giving you the tools to create Dynamic & Scalable Web Applications with confidence. Sign Up now & discover your Full-Stack power!

What makes it unique?

Video lectures

Industry stalwarts as mentors

Written course materials/Slides / presentations

Quizzes or assessments


Practice exercises or projects

Discussion forums or chat rooms

Access to a virtual learning environment

Interactive tools and simulations

Recorded webinars or live sessions

 e-Books, articles, and tutorials    

Do you want to get trained?

The target audience for these dynamic non-IT training courses are individuals and teams from non-IT industries, such as business, education, healthcare, government, non-profit organizations, and small business owners. The courses are suitable for individuals at all levels of experience and education, and aim to provide real-world tools and strategies for personal and professional development.

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