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Building your dream website is just a click away with Zoho Commerce. Our platform provides a convenient drag-and-drop store builder, along with powerful tools for managing products, inventory, orders, and shipping. You can also easily integrate with multiple payment gateways and access real-time reports to help you make informed decisions. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Zoho Commerce today.

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Build ecommerce website in

5 Steps

Pick your template

Our templates are optimized for smooth navigation on all devices, guaranteeing a pleasant shopping experience for all customers.

Add your products

You can easily upload or import your products, complete with detailed descriptions, specifications, and images.

Set up shipping and taxes

Your store can showcase location-specific tax rates and shipping options to your customers.

Publish the store

Easily go online with just one click and witness instant updates on your website.

Payment gateway integration

You have the option to link your store with renowned payment gateways, or alternatively, enable the Cash on Delivery options

Your online store is live.

Now what?

Easily  monitor your orders

Effortlessly manage multiple orders from a single screen, tracking them from start to finish, including delivery fulfillment.

Best ways of inventory management

Efficiently organize and monitor your inventory stock levels, ensuring a hassle-free purchase process for your customers. Receive low-stock alerts to prevent order cancellations and streamline your inventory management.

Real-time Analytics

The Zoho Commerce dashboard offers a holistic view of your business, complete with real-time reports that provide detailed insights. Stay informed with up-to-date analytics for informed decision-making.

One Step Forward.....


Shield your sites

Our AI continuously monitors for any signs of fraudulent transactions, utilizing various techniques such as identifying spam IPs, tracking payment steps, and more, to proactively stay ahead of malicious actors. With these advanced measures in place, you can trust that our system is always on guard, ensuring a safe and secure experience for you.


Power of AI in personalized suggestions

Through every visit made to our store, our AI gains valuable insights that enable it to provide even better product recommendations for future visitors. This compounding effect is amplified by our highly intelligent AI, resulting in exponential growth in its ability to offer personalized suggestions.


SEO Optimization

Zoho Commerce's SEO tools simplify the process of achieving higher rankings on major search engines, whether it be for your products or pages. With easy-to-use meta-data management and comprehensive traffic analysis, our platform empowers you to optimize your online presence and drive more traffic to your website.




Quickly set up your website with a pre-existing infrastructure that includes SSL certification, sub-domain creation, and hosting services


Ready to use templates

Live websites in quicker times with prebuilt & responsive templates.


Site builder

An online storefront with easy to use, drag and drop site builder. 


Visual editor

Style the storefront in few clicks with powerful Visual editor tools for customizations.


Multi-currency support

Break the barriers with multicurrency support for your global customers.


Product filters

Ultimate ways to customer satisfaction by showcasing the search based/ relevant products to customers.


Pages and files

Create new pages and segregate images in different files .


AI-based  product recommendations

Right recommendations to the right customers with AI assistant.



Reward your customers with product specific or seasonal offer coupons.


Message & cookie bar

Grab the customer attentions through promotional messages and allow them to know about your cookie policy.


Categories & collections

Versatile shopping experience through customized collections and categories.


Product management

Easily create and manage the products with variant creation options with product level SEOs.


Product reviews

Improve business credibility through real reviews from the customers.


Buy button

Buy button embedding in different platforms to sell across your site.


Automated emails

Stay in touch with the customers with follow up emails/ new offer/ price drop intimations in automated ways.



Build community, bring relevancy to your business through easy blog updates/ creations.


User management

Improve your workflow by assigning collaborators to specific modules, allowing you to manage your workload more efficiently.


Inventory management

Streamline inventory tasks with our convenient, centralized solution.


Order management

Ensure seamless ecommerce order processing by efficiently handling payment acceptance, shipping setup, and customer order management.

Sell on social media

Expand your reach and engage with a wider audience. Boost your ecommerce brand by leveraging social media platforms.  

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